Brussels cycling map

Bruxelles bike map. Brussels cycling map (Belgium) to print. Brussels cycling map (Belgium) to download. Cycling is the ideal means of transportation to free you up to explore Brussels diverse atmospheres. Cycling lets you take in, admire and experience the capital ambiance and features while taking advantage of the great outdoors. On the Brussels cycling map, the green line circuit represents the completed bike paths. The red lines delimit the part of the project that is not yet completed, i.e. the bicycle paths that are still to be built or renovated. In the centre of Brussels, bikes are often faster than cars. The City of Brussels has bicycle racks and boxes, rental systems of bicycles, bicycle routes and a Bike Commission.
A good bike rack is important, because it allows the cyclists to park properly and avoid bike theft. Brussels also has bike boxes for local residents. The City of Brussels has bicycle boxes on its territory. A bicycle box is a box with key access that can accommodate 5 bikes from local residents (see Brussels cycling map). The ICR (regional cycling routes) form a network of public roads that are fitted out to allow cyclists to ride in safety. There are several possibilities of renting a bike in the City of Brussels.