Brussels bike map

Map of Brussels bike. Brussels bike map (Belgium) to print. Brussels bike map (Belgium) to download. Cyclists love Brussels and Brussels loves cyclists more and more. Brussels has been offering them several bike paths for years. Most streets in Brussels already have painted bike lanes, but with the aim to improve on this, the construction of 80km of new separated lanes is planned. Advance bike lines by junctions have been created, and it is legal to bike in both directions on one-way streets. Set to be complete by 2023, a keystone project is the upgrade of the inner ring road with a dedicated bike path, separating riders from fast moving motorised traffic (see Brussels bike map).
Today, out of the 40 kilometers announced, 29.67 kilometers of Brussels bike paths have already been completed very precisely," explains the Minister office, "representing three-quarters of the bike lane projects. From rue de la Loi, to boulevard Lambermont, via boulevard Général Jacques and boulevard Sylvain Dupuis, as its shown in Brussels bike map from the most controversial to the least divisive: the RTBF is drawing up a map of the new bike paths on regional roads.