Brussels tourist map

Tourism Brussels map. Brussels tourist map (Belgium) to print. Brussels tourist map (Belgium) to download. Impossible to miss the Grand Place in Brussels tourist map, which was built as a merchants market in the 13th century. Smack in the city centre of Brussels, it plays host to numerous festivals and concerts year round and is also where you can discover the tiny Manneken-Pis, the somewhat peculiar symbol of Brussels. Towering over surrounding buildings, it can serve as a compass during tourist exploration of the city; be sure to indulge in chocolate at the Sablon.
Brussels, the capital of 500 million Europeans, is waiting to share its treasures and talents with tourist and to tell him its story. Brussels has an ability to adapt to its visitors: no matter when you come, there is always something happening in Brussels; no matter how long you stay, there are several different ways to experience Brussels, each with some brilliant surprises in store as its mentioned in Brussels tourist map.
A multicoloured heritage of the most diverse styles, a contagious creativity tinged with surrealism and humour, a sociable and epicurean art de vivre that attract tourist from all over the world. Order of the day in Brussels: fashion and design, comic strip, chocolate, beer, music and surrealism, sociability and more than 100 museums, high-tech and surprising meeting rooms and a whole constellation of hotels as you can see in Brussels tourist map.
A tourist destination that is easy to reach and reasonable prices that wont strain its tourists pockets, regardless of age as its shown in Brussels tourist map. This cosmopolitan city of Brussels that loves good food lives life its way and expresses itself in a style very much its own: sometimes rebellious and mischievous, sometimes thoughtful and composed, but always very likeable. Despite its European dimension and despite all the different languages spoken on the corner of every street, Brussels is still inspired by a very "village-like" spirit.