Brussels museum map

Bruxelles museum map. Brussels museum map (Belgium) to print. Brussels museum map (Belgium) to download. Brussels contains over 80 museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium as its shown in Brussels museum map. The Brussels museum has an extensive collection of various painters, such as the Flemish painters like Bruegel, Rogier van der Weyden, Robert Campin, Anthony van Dyck, and Jacob Jordaens. The recently opened Magritte Museum of Brussels houses the world largest collection of the works of the surrealist René Magritte.
There is a wide array of museums in Brussels, from the Royal Museum of Fine Art to the Museum of the Army and the Comic Museum as its mentioned in Brussels museum map. The Belgian Comics Museum combines two artistic leitmotifs of Brussels, being a museum devoted to Belgian comic strips, housed in the former Waucquez department store, designed by Victor Horta in the Art Nouveau style.