Brussels highway map

Bruxelles highway map. Brussels highway map (Belgium) to print. Brussels highway map (Belgium) to download. The ring roads of Antwerp and Brussels are the twin centres of a spider web of highways that is impossible to evade as its shown in Brussels highway map. “People travelling across the country have no options but to pass at least one or both cities, even if they do not need to be there,” says Logghe. “The same is true for the rail network. Half of all trains go through Brussels highway”.

Bruxelles highway map

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Because most of the country is heavily suburbanised, highways also have many entrances and exits, mixing local with long-distance traffic, and causing more collisions, which in turn clog traffic up even more. Several highway works are organized by the City of Brussels (see Brussels highway map). These works may include the complete reconstruction of a street (from curb to curb), interventions of asphalt or paving or more punctual interventions (reconstruction of an intersection, the surroundings of a school,...).