Brussels train map pdf

Pdf map of Brussels train. Brussels train map pdf (Belgium) to print. Brussels train map pdf (Belgium) to download. It is easy to get to Brussels from major Belgian and European cities thanks to the high-speed rail infrastructure in central and western Europe as its shown in Brussels train map pdf. There are also a handful of train companies operating in Brussels that are not affiliated with SNCB. These include Eurostar, who run services from the UK; Thalys, who run high-speed trains from Paris to Brussels; and Deutsche Bahn, who run high-speed InterCity Express trains from Germany to Belgium.

Pdf map of Brussels train

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Brussels has a high-quality rail network, administered by SNCB, the National Society of Belgian Railways (in French: Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges). If you are taking trains from around Brussels, you will almost certainly find yourself on an SNCB train at some point.Booking train tickets abroad can be daunting. You have to contend with a different language, unfamiliar place names and new train companies. Luckily, we make it simple to book trains to any station in Brussels, in English (see Brussels train map pdf).