Brussels south station map

Brussels south train station map. Brussels south station map (Belgium) to print. Brussels south station map (Belgium) to download. South city station. Also known as Gare du Midi (FR) or Zuidstation (NL). The busiest of all the stations in Brussels. Brussels south station is the busiest because apart from intercity trains, metro and trams there are also international high-speed train platforms for Eurostar and Thalys which have their ticket offices there as well. The complex itself is modern and contains a food court, cafes and chocolatiers as its shown in Brussels south station map.

Brussels south train station map

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Brussels south station name "Midi" might be confusing because it might suggest that it is the middle or central station as you can see in Brussels south station map. Which it is not. 'Midi' was used to indicate 'south' in old French language. It comes from 'mi' middle and 'di' day. Since the sun is to the south at the middle of the day (as in all of Northern hemisphere). The south teritories of France are also known as "Le Midi".