Brussels metro station map

Map of Brussels metro station. Brussels metro station map (Belgium) to print. Brussels metro station map (Belgium) to download. On the platform walls, eight faces gaze at the passengers passing by in the Maelbeek Brussels metro station. Exactly 16 mannequins fly above the rails of the Comte de Flandre station. Through the stained glass window, the sunshine finds its way into the Beekkant metro station as its shown in Brussels metro station map. The terracotta statues at Stuyvenbergh metro station of Brussels are a tribute to Queen Elizabeth and the royal family. It is not a coincidence that this homage took place at this station, in fact the Queen’s last residence was the Stuyvenbergh Castle.

Map of Brussels metro station

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Take an unusual tour and uncover the background behind the stunning works of art in Brussels metro stations as you can see in Brussels metro station map. From one end of the Belgian capital to the other, you will get acquainted with stunning sculptures, photographs, and murals displayed on platforms, corridors, or ticket halls. Catch your train and let it lead you to the most beautiful metro stations in Brussels.