Brussels metro map pdf

Map metro Bruxelles. Brussels metro map pdf (Belgium) to print. Brussels metro map pdf (Belgium) to download. Brussels metro line 1 runs from Gare de l'Ouest/Weststation to the west of Brussels to Stockel/Stokkel at the east end (this section was formerly part of line 1B as its shown in Brussels metro map pdf); Line 2 is a loop starting and ending in Simonis via the eastern side of the small ring road (this is an extension of former line 2 from Delacroix north-bound to Simonis); Brussels metro line 5 runs from Erasme/Erasmus to the south-west of Brussels to Herrmann-Debroux to the south-east (this combines parts of former lines 1A and 1B); Line 6 on the pdf runs from Roi Baudouin/Koning Boudewijn to the north-west of Brussels to Simonis (including the loop of the newly extended line 2; this combines the former line 2, the new connection, and a branch of the former line 1A).
Brussels metro line 3 and Line 4 on the pdf are actually tram lines using the North-South Axis tunnel which crosses the city center from the Brussels-North railway station to the Brussels-South railway station and further to the Albert premetro station as its mentioned in Brussels metro map pdf. Line 3 runs from the Churchill stop south of Brussels to the Esplanade stop at the north end of Brussels. Brussels metro line 4 on pdf runs from the Brussels-North railway station north of Brussels to the Stalle car park at the south end.
The Brussels metro line 7 as youcan see in Brussels metro map pdf is the main line of the Brussels greater ring, replacing Tram 23 and Tram 24 as of 14 March 2011. Brussels metro services the Heysel/Heizel, runs under the Laeken Parc and then via the greater ring all the way to the terminus of Line 3 to terminate one stop later at Vanderkindere where it offers connections to tram lines 3, 4 and 92 on the pdf.