Place schuman Brussels map

Map of place schuman Brussels. Place schuman Brussels map (Belgium) to print. Place schuman Brussels map (Belgium) to download. Danish architects COBE and Belgian architects BRUT reveal the winning design for Place Schuman in Brussels, Belgium. Located in the heart of the European Quarter, in between the main institutions of the European Union as its shown in place schuman Brussels map, Place Schuman constitutes the entrance to the EU. The project of place schuman Brussels transforms a heavily trafficked roundabout into an urban space and meeting point.

Map of place schuman Brussels

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Place Schuman of Brussels aims to transform the European Quarter from a place for cars into a generous public space for people as its mentioned in place schuman Brussels map. The project consists of a pavilion covered with an iconic roof structure reflecting the square and the people below, creating a meeting place for nationalities, cultures, languages and genders, drawing inspiration from the ancient Greek agora, the cradle of democracy. The plaza of Brussels is designed as a series of concentric circles, inspired by the European Parliament Hemicycle. The circles continue in the surrounding paving, emphasizing Place Schuman as the epicenter of modern European democracy.