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Map Brussels grand place. Grand place Brussels map (Belgium) to print. Grand place Brussels map (Belgium) to download. The Grand Place (French, pronounced: [ɡʁɑ̃ plas]; also used in English) or Grote Markt pronounced [ɣro.tə mɑrkt] (Dutch) is the central square of Brussels as its shown in grand place Brussels map. Grand place Brussels is surrounded by guildhalls, the city Town Hall, and the Breadhouse (French: Maison du Roi, Dutch: Broodhuis). The grand place Brussels is the most important tourist destination and most memorable landmark in Brussels. It measures 68 by 110 metres (223 by 360 ft), and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Map Brussels grand place

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Every two years in August, an enormous "flower carpet" is set up in the Grand Place for a few days. A million colourful begonias are set up in patterns, and the display covers a full 24 by 77 metres (79 by 253 ft), for area total of 1,800 square metres (19,000 sq ft) as its mentioned in grand place Brussels map. The first flower carpet was made in 1971 in grand place Brussels, and due to its popularity, the tradition continued, with the flower carpet attracting a large number of tourists.
The most recognizable building on the grand place Brussels is the Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), built in 1402 with the intention of upstaging the Stadhuis in the rival city of Bruges as you can see in grand place Brussels map. Inside are several magnificent rooms. Among the most impressive are the Maximilian Chamber, hung with Brussels tapestries; the large Council Chamber with a superb ceiling by Victor Janssens and tapestries to his designs; the great banqueting hall and the Marriage Chamber, both beautifully paneled; and the Escalier d'Honneur, with murals illustrating the history of Brussels.