Brussels beach map

Bruxelles beach map. Brussels beach map (Belgium) to print. Brussels beach map (Belgium) to download. Not just a beach but a real seaside resort in the heart of Brussels on the edge of the canal, Brussels Beach, or Bruxelles Les Bains, offers half a mile (1km) of fine sand, coconut palms, and waterfalls as its shown in Brussels beach map. There is also plenty of sport, relaxation, and cultural activities in Brussels beach. Sports like beach volleyball, pétanque, and ultimate Frisbee are available, or for the less actively inclined, a Thai pagoda houses several professional masseurs for complete relaxation.
For the food lovers, Brussels Beach has plenty of surprises in store as its mentioned in Brussels beach map. Art fans can amble into the Kanal-Centre Pompidou, just a few meters away, and enjoy some of the exhibitions. For the youngest ones in the family, several activities will be organized throughout July and August in Brussels beach. Concerts, games, clowns, magic, pirates, and much more. For the open air cinema evenings, Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian cinema are the guests of honor.