Brussels airport gate map

Map of Brussels airport gate. Brussels airport gate map (Belgium) to print. Brussels airport gate map (Belgium) to download. Brussels Airport currently consists of 54 contact gates, and a total of 109 gates as its shown in Brussels airport gate map. Gates A, B or T? Brussels Airport has two Piers: A and B. If you leave from Pier A, you are flying to a Schengen destination. If you fly from Pier B, you are taking off to a non-Schengen destination and you will have to pass border control. Exception to the rule: the gate of T-zone at the end of Pier A of Brussels airport. In the morning it is a non-Schengen gate zone, in the afternoon a Schengen gate zone.

Map of Brussels airport gate

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Departures are at Level 3 of Brussels Airport. Gate A is for departure terminal to Schengan countries and Gate B is for departure to Non-Schengan countries as you can see in Brussels airport gate map. Schengan countries have a borderless travel agreement for visa holders and nationals of member countries. At Brussels airport gate B the border controls would strict, ensure you arrive for your flight early to allow enough time for passport checks and security checks.